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  • coca cola

    Concept idea for the bottle crate of the future by Coca-Cola Germany.

  • unique

    Product idea for the perfect outdoor dining experience.

  • h2over

    One of the most overlooked environmental issues.

  • 3cycle


Welcome! This is BrainFactory! A unique, innovative and creative reality full of the endless desire of research.

About us

“BrainFactory” is a company of designers and architects that provides services of Interior Design, Exhibit…




won the first winner...

The submission “Audinì” on won the first winner place in the “Audi – Light follows function” p



Interview to Marco Marotto on

Special interview to Marco Marotto on Read the article

our projects published by “Instituto Monsa”

Our projects published by “Instituto Monsa de Ediciones ” with cover “European Product Design” by Marc Gimenez, buy it on: Buy it!

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bye bye wind published...

Our outdoor table designed for “Garden Unique” is published by “” read on:

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Each project must be unique. After a careful analysis of what are the needs of the customer and an extensive market research, we propose solutions tailored, unique, attentive and refined in details. Nothing is left to chance: from the process of creating the idea to the realization meticulous thereof, in harmony and positive synergy of intent.


Innovation is the basis of our design not only through the use of new and advanced technologies and innovative materials, but also due to research design solutions evolving in time and space: a reality of the transformation of architectural settings and design that surprises and that is never boring. What is surprising is never trivial!


The creative spark must not fail never in a good project. A project without the cognitive ability of the mind to create cannot exist. This understanding of the relationships between things and ideas in a new way, in any field, giving life to an idea or a product that did not exist, stimulates our design, day after day, towards new horizons.

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