Our bbq designed for “Garden Unique” is published by Tuvie
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BBQ 360° is a product that combines design, comfort and optimization of the spaces without sacrificing ease of use and even simplifying the operations of cleaning and cooking different foods. The starting point was a simple shape but at the same time could contain within it everything it needs a system barbeque, in particular:

  • A system for regulating grid (simple and fast) at different heights by means of vertical cuts, in order to be able to differentiate the cooking of various dishes
  • A shelf support retractable for each type of need
  • A drawer, directly connected to the drum-ash (to speed up the cleaning of it), removed for disposal
  • A box that houses the tools provided (dustpan, brush, fork and spatula)
  • Navigation system on wheels (totally removable for maintenance)

The BBQ 360° was created around the person and can adapt to various user needs.


Marco Marotto & Paola Oliva, BBQ 360°, prototype.