Monolithic House published by Homedesignlover

The Monolithic House, the creative apartment located in the southern Italy, is published by Homedesignlover.

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“In designing an interior, there is always a focal point. It differs from one home to another and from one space to another. But for some homes, they create something that would be the center of attention of the entire dwelling. I have seen some spaces wherein the highlight is a sculptural wall system that has different functions. Some has a huge block that would hide some areas of the home like a closet, bathroom and others. While there are also homes that have a huge lovely partition just like this apartment that we will feature today.
Monolithic House in the Italian town of Castrovillari, Italy is a 1,830 sq ft apartment that has a monolithic block which is the main focal point of the home. It is a stone wall partition between the kitchen and living room and is characterized by a window which performs the dual function of table or support plane. The interior has a modern minimalist approach and is characterized by visual diversity. When you enter the house, you will be welcomed by a surreal atmosphere with a rain of Swarovski crystals on the walls. You will also see a wallpaper filled with letters on one part of the wall. Check out the images of the apartment below.
The home is designed by Studio Brain Factory who have implemented a distinct modern interior. Who wouldn’t be captivated with the unique monolithic block featured in the house? How about the open, lively and spacious interior with a contemporary feel all over it? The apartment used stone as a conceptual raw material as well as wood too. This is inspired by the majestic views of the Pollino massif mountains that is seen from the windows of the home” – author: Hazel Guantero

bye bye wind published by “”

Our outdoor table designed for “Garden Unique” is published by “” read on:

Refeições ao ar livre podem ser uma ótima solução de fim de semana, mas tem sempre um grande inimigo: o vento. Copos, pratos ou talheres de plástico dificilmente resistem a sopros mais fortes. O Bye Bye Wind é feito a pensar nisso, com um design simples mas incrivelmente eficaz.
A criação é da dupla de designers italianos Marco Marotto e Paola Oliva e consiste em um conjunto de mesa e cadeiras que resolve o problema do vento. A mesa vem preparada com aberturas do tamanho de copos, guardanapos, garrafas ou pratos de plástico. Na parte de trás das cadeiras, vem também um espaço para colocar objetos, que podem ser bolsas ou casacos, mas que serve principalmente para que os celulares fiquem fora da mesa e as pessoas possam se concentrar no convívio.

bye bye wind published by “Salon” Magazine

Our outdoor table designed for “Garden Unique” is published by “Salon” Magazine, September’13 Cover on September 2013 at page 30.

Пикники на природе и обеды на открытой террасе – это те приятные вещи, за которые мы любим теплое время года. И они были бы еще приятнее, если бы не ветер,норовящий унести со стола салфетки и скатерть, а иногда даже посуду. Бороться со стихией взялись Марко Маротто (Marco Marotto) и Паола Олива (Paola Oliva) из итальянской студии Brain Factory. Они создали стол, в котором есть специальные углубления для посуды. Комплект включает также стулья, на спинках которых есть карманы для разных мелочей. Название объекту дизайнеры дали весьма самоуверенное: «Пока-пока, ветер».



bye bye wind published by “Eye 4 Design”

Our outdoor table designed for “Garden Unique” is published by “”.


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Italianos criam móveis contra ação do vento para refeições ao ar livre

Quando se imagina uma refeição ao ar livre, os pensamentos se enchem com imagens de filmes e fotos lindas, onde tudo dá certo. Todos sentados na grama verde, os pratos e copos nos lugares, o ventos esvoaçando nos cabelos. Quem acampa ou faz pic nics por aí, sabe que não é bem assim. O vento em especial, dependendo da intensidade pode ser a principal dor de cabeça. A comida esfria, cabelos não param quietos entram nos olhos e bocas, sem falar dos pratos e copos, quando de plásticos não resistem a um sopro mais forte. Já que a natureza é inevitável e implacável, os designers italianos Marco Marotto e Paola Oliva criaram um conjunto de mesas e cadeiras à prova de vento, resolvendo o problema, sem perder o charme de comer ao som dos pássaros e mesmo, do próprio vento. O Bye Bye Wind (Adeus Vento) traz uma mesa que tem aberturas para copos,guardanapos, pratos, talheres e mesmo garrafas. Só encaixar e relaxar, porque nada vai voar. Nas cadeiras, na parte traseira tem um esconderijo para colocar objetos pequenos, como celulares, assim todos se concentram no que realmente vale a pena: o encontro e o bate papo entre amigos ou familiares.

bye bye wind published by “Modern in Denver”

Our outdoor table designed for “Garden Unique” is published by “Modern in Denver” Colorado’s Magazine for modern living- inside & out, Denver-Summer’13 Cover on july/August 2013

Dining outside is one of the things we love about summer. The setting sun, sound of crickets and gentle breeze.
But sometimes that gentle breeze just keeps blowing and along with it, our plates and cups. Bye Bye Wind is a concept piece by Marco Marotto and Paola Oliva that aims to solve our high flying dinner woes. The fluid form of the table and chairs seem ready to protectively brace against any rush of air. The molded plastic tabletop has insets specifically for plates and cups to shield them from exposure to the wind. In the very center, there is a space saving bottle crusher. The corners have removable containers to hold a small herb garden or other dinner additions, while the backs of the chairs have a slot to hold your phone or keys. Genius! We think there is great potential behind their solution to one of natures gusty problems. Currently, Marco and Paola are looking to take ByeBye Wind into production.