Our outdoor table designed for “Garden Unique” is published by “Modern in Denver” Colorado’s Magazine for modern living- inside & out, Denver-Summer’13 Cover on july/August 2013

Dining outside is one of the things we love about summer. The setting sun, sound of crickets and gentle breeze.
But sometimes that gentle breeze just keeps blowing and along with it, our plates and cups. Bye Bye Wind is a concept piece by Marco Marotto and Paola Oliva that aims to solve our high flying dinner woes. The fluid form of the table and chairs seem ready to protectively brace against any rush of air. The molded plastic tabletop has insets specifically for plates and cups to shield them from exposure to the wind. In the very center, there is a space saving bottle crusher. The corners have removable containers to hold a small herb garden or other dinner additions, while the backs of the chairs have a slot to hold your phone or keys. Genius! We think there is great potential behind their solution to one of natures gusty problems. Currently, Marco and Paola are looking to take ByeBye Wind into production.