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Unlike many outdoor cookers, the BBQ 360 makes the task of grilling your supper seem a great deal simpler. It’s compact and effortless to light, to clean and to cook to perfection, so that there’s no reluctance to use it based on the expectation of a hassle.
Marco Marotto’s barbecue takes an unusual flaring cylindrical shape that bears more of a resemblance to a waste paper basket than to an outdoor stove. It narrows because it can, but maintains a smooth silhouette, comprising a discard drawer for ashes around the middle. Below the removable receptacle, a set of grilling utensils can be pulled out. But what’s great about the crown of the BBQ 360 is its system of grate slots that provides three broiling heights above the burning coals.

Marco Marotto & Paola Oliva, Bye bye wind, prototype.