The project of this country-style villa, located in the South of Italy, is published by Homestratosphere.

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“Welcome to our gallery featuring the captivating Country House project by Brain Factory. This unique country-style villa was designed in direct communion with the surrounding landscape. The property is surrounded by green hills covered in olive trees, on a plateau near the town of San Lorenzo del Vallo in southern Italy. The distinctive landscape characterizes the environment, making a strong personality for the home to inhabit. The home design was crafted to directly interpret this unique geography into an architectural language, resulting in the rustic contemporary  style of the villa you now see. The home construction itself is still in progress, so you’ll notice a lot of graphical embellishment among the following images. This enhancement is designed solely to grant a more accurate look at what the finished product will be. Architect Paola Oliva and designer Marco Marotto have created a truly elegant mixture of contemporary design and rustic style, aspects that are equally emphasized in every facet of the home design. The intricate veining on the flooring reflects the colors of the deeply manicured land, pocked with olive groves and vineyards as it is. The scenic trees around the home characterize this sense of continuity between the landscape and the interior design. The home features a vibrant, open floor plan that aids in the warm, welcoming atmosphere. Above, exposed natural wood beams emphasize the rustic elements of the design, mirroring the tone of the hardwood flooring. When entering the home, a transparent wall section suspends a collection of wine bottles, nodding to the prevailing trade of the local area and providing unique access for homeowners and guests alike. Flush with wood and stone, the living room evokes a sense of timeless grandeur. The modern touches throughout add convenience, utility, and a progressive sense of design. The villa hits a perfect intersection between historical tradition, rich landscape, and modern features that feels at once timeless and nostalgic.”