The Scent of garden Apartment, located in Rome Italy, is published by Homestratosphere

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“ Gallery featuring images of the Olfactory Scent Of A Garden Apartment Project By Brain Factory. This modern home is infused with living plants throughout its starkly modern design. Here you will find an apartment with themes and materials that are consistently designed to engage the senses. This special apartment focuses on your sense of smell immediately, as you walk into the space and are met by grass growing around a pillar and aromatic scents coming from plants in the kitchen. The idea is that you feel immersed in a wintery garden. The stark white walls and furniture allow for crisp, and clean lines that represent the frigidness of winter. The consistent hardwood floor resembles the brown dirt of a garden, and contrasts the white walls well. In combination with the walls and the floor, various plants are growing around the apartment to add to the wintery garden theme. In the living space, shelving units and cabinets are set into the wall, both providing storage space, as well as conserving space in the living area by being flush with the surrounding walls. The kitchen features another sensory indulgent feature, a fresh herb garden located directly beneath the window. White rafters running parallel to each other across the kitchen ceiling give the kitchen a special touch different from the rest of the apartment. These wooden beams running across the kitchen ceiling are backlit by bright LED lighting, which contributes to the winter garden theme. Vinyl prints are stuck onto the kitchen walls with adhesive to resemble birds frolicking in an outdoor garden. Even the bathroom area incorporates this garden theme, with sections of artificial grass to help control water spillage. Assorted plants are used in both the master and guest bathroom to keep the rooms looking and smelling fresh. Take a minute to check out the apartment for yourself, and notice how the themes stay consistent throughout the house. Get some inspiration on how to use small details to contribute to a larger general theme! ”