Travel House published by Homestratosphere

This contemporary apartment, focused on the theme of travel, is published by Homestratosphere.

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“ Gallery featuring images of the Artful Travel House Project by Brain Factory, a bespoke modern home with unique touches that elevate it beyond its peers. Welcome to our gallery showcasing the artfully minimalist Travel House, a home designed by Brain Factory. This home has a unique origin, with an interior design conceived as an emotional journey for the owners. The homeowners are always seeking new places and adventures to explore, and they wanted a home design that would reflect this. To that end, we see a truly unique interior that functions as an evolving journey and nods directly to the love of travel. Upon entering the home, we come across a slim copse of bamboo rising against the ceiling, positioned along an architectural cut adorned with white stones over an oak floor. The sense of stepping into a bamboo forest is palpably heightened by a full height mirror across the hall. Architect Paola Oliva and designer Marco Marotto have crafted a bold open floor plan that emphasizes a sense of fluid coziness within the expansive, bright space. The colorful tone and textures make the minimalist design truly eye popping. The living room features an immense black-on-white decal design, illustrating the globe with country names in their respective languages. This arty element heightens the space and reinforces the central exploration theme. There are several instances of concealed furniture and nearly invisible doors that give way to further reaches within the home, an elegant solution for introducing a sense of discovery to the interior. The bedroom is brightened by a golden wall, emphasizing the light from a pair of wall sconces. It’s a unique textural flourish that adds a sense of dynamism to the space, separating it from the rest of the home. The bathrooms truly emphasize the atmosphere of comfort and sensory harmony, by the mixture of natural materials, transparent elements, and utilitarian but beautiful design. ”