Monolithic House published by Interiores Minimalistas

The Monolithic House, the creative apartment located in the southern Italy, is published by the Spanish magazine Interiores Minimalistas.

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“Monolithic House es un apartamento, diseñado por la arquitecta Paola Oliva y el diseñador Marco Marotto fundadores del estudio Brain Factory. El nombre del proyecto responde al concepto creativo en el que se basa y que juega con las sustraciones volumétricas que se practican en un bloque monolítico.
La vivienda está situada en Castrovillari, una localidad de la provincia de Cosenza, al Sur de Italia, y disfruta de una majestuosas vistas de las montañas del macizo de Pollino, claramente visibles desde diferentes ventanas.
La visión de este bello paisaje natural de los Apeninos meridionales ha llevado a elegir la piedra como materia principal para plasmar el concepto del proyecto. Además de la piedra, el segundo material predominante es la madera que aporta una nota cálida nada más entrar en la vivienda, a través de la tarima de la madera que se extiende por toda la casa, incluso a la cocina y el baño.
La entrada aporta un toque surrealista al resto del piso: las paredes, revestidas de mosaico vítreo, aparecen salpicadas por una lluvia de cristales Swarovski que producen pequeños destellos. Para completar la escena se han escogido una originales lámparas blancas de pie, que no tocan el suelo y que parecen formar parte de la pared.
El elemento que aporta la tensión constructiva al diseño de interiores alrededor del cual se articula el espacio es el bloque monolítico que se levanta en la zona de día. Esta pared de piedra, que separa la cocina y la sala de estar, cuenta con una ventana que realiza la doble función de mesa o estantería y además puede cerrarse, evitando el contacto entre ambas estancias. “

Travel House published by Homestratosphere

Travel House published by Homestratosphere

This contemporary apartment, focused on the theme of travel, is published by Homestratosphere.

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“ Gallery featuring images of the Artful Travel House Project by Brain Factory, a bespoke modern home with unique touches that elevate it beyond its peers. Welcome to our gallery showcasing the artfully minimalist Travel House, a home designed by Brain Factory. This home has a unique origin, with an interior design conceived as an emotional journey for the owners. The homeowners are always seeking new places and adventures to explore, and they wanted a home design that would reflect this. To that end, we see a truly unique interior that functions as an evolving journey and nods directly to the love of travel. Upon entering the home, we come across a slim copse of bamboo rising against the ceiling, positioned along an architectural cut adorned with white stones over an oak floor. The sense of stepping into a bamboo forest is palpably heightened by a full height mirror across the hall. Architect Paola Oliva and designer Marco Marotto have crafted a bold open floor plan that emphasizes a sense of fluid coziness within the expansive, bright space. The colorful tone and textures make the minimalist design truly eye popping. The living room features an immense black-on-white decal design, illustrating the globe with country names in their respective languages. This arty element heightens the space and reinforces the central exploration theme. There are several instances of concealed furniture and nearly invisible doors that give way to further reaches within the home, an elegant solution for introducing a sense of discovery to the interior. The bedroom is brightened by a golden wall, emphasizing the light from a pair of wall sconces. It’s a unique textural flourish that adds a sense of dynamism to the space, separating it from the rest of the home. The bathrooms truly emphasize the atmosphere of comfort and sensory harmony, by the mixture of natural materials, transparent elements, and utilitarian but beautiful design. ”

Scent of Garden Apartment published by Homestratosphere

The Scent of garden Apartment, located in Rome Italy, is published by Homestratosphere

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“ Gallery featuring images of the Olfactory Scent Of A Garden Apartment Project By Brain Factory. This modern home is infused with living plants throughout its starkly modern design. Here you will find an apartment with themes and materials that are consistently designed to engage the senses. This special apartment focuses on your sense of smell immediately, as you walk into the space and are met by grass growing around a pillar and aromatic scents coming from plants in the kitchen. The idea is that you feel immersed in a wintery garden. The stark white walls and furniture allow for crisp, and clean lines that represent the frigidness of winter. The consistent hardwood floor resembles the brown dirt of a garden, and contrasts the white walls well. In combination with the walls and the floor, various plants are growing around the apartment to add to the wintery garden theme. In the living space, shelving units and cabinets are set into the wall, both providing storage space, as well as conserving space in the living area by being flush with the surrounding walls. The kitchen features another sensory indulgent feature, a fresh herb garden located directly beneath the window. White rafters running parallel to each other across the kitchen ceiling give the kitchen a special touch different from the rest of the apartment. These wooden beams running across the kitchen ceiling are backlit by bright LED lighting, which contributes to the winter garden theme. Vinyl prints are stuck onto the kitchen walls with adhesive to resemble birds frolicking in an outdoor garden. Even the bathroom area incorporates this garden theme, with sections of artificial grass to help control water spillage. Assorted plants are used in both the master and guest bathroom to keep the rooms looking and smelling fresh. Take a minute to check out the apartment for yourself, and notice how the themes stay consistent throughout the house. Get some inspiration on how to use small details to contribute to a larger general theme! ”

Country House published by Homestratosphere

The project of this country-style villa, located in the South of Italy, is published by Homestratosphere.

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“Welcome to our gallery featuring the captivating Country House project by Brain Factory. This unique country-style villa was designed in direct communion with the surrounding landscape. The property is surrounded by green hills covered in olive trees, on a plateau near the town of San Lorenzo del Vallo in southern Italy. The distinctive landscape characterizes the environment, making a strong personality for the home to inhabit. The home design was crafted to directly interpret this unique geography into an architectural language, resulting in the rustic contemporary  style of the villa you now see. The home construction itself is still in progress, so you’ll notice a lot of graphical embellishment among the following images. This enhancement is designed solely to grant a more accurate look at what the finished product will be. Architect Paola Oliva and designer Marco Marotto have created a truly elegant mixture of contemporary design and rustic style, aspects that are equally emphasized in every facet of the home design. The intricate veining on the flooring reflects the colors of the deeply manicured land, pocked with olive groves and vineyards as it is. The scenic trees around the home characterize this sense of continuity between the landscape and the interior design. The home features a vibrant, open floor plan that aids in the warm, welcoming atmosphere. Above, exposed natural wood beams emphasize the rustic elements of the design, mirroring the tone of the hardwood flooring. When entering the home, a transparent wall section suspends a collection of wine bottles, nodding to the prevailing trade of the local area and providing unique access for homeowners and guests alike. Flush with wood and stone, the living room evokes a sense of timeless grandeur. The modern touches throughout add convenience, utility, and a progressive sense of design. The villa hits a perfect intersection between historical tradition, rich landscape, and modern features that feels at once timeless and nostalgic.”

Monolithic House published by Archiportale

The Monolithic House, the creative apartment located in the southern Italy, is published by Archiportale.

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“A Castrovillari la Monolithic House di Brain Factory – Ispirandosi al massiccio del Pollino, la pietra è materia prima e concettuale predominante

La Monolithic House è un appartamento situato a Castrovillari (CS), nel Sud Italia, così definito perché il concept creativo su cui si articola il progetto, firmato da Brain Factory, gioca sulle sottrazioni volumetriche di un blocco monolitico. Gli scorci maestosi della catena montuosa del massiccio del Pollino, ben visibili dalle vetrate luminose dell’appartamento, spingono alla scelta della pietra come materia prima e concettuale. Oltre alla pietra, materiale naturale predominante è il legno che scalda l’ambiente sin dall’ingresso, luogo in cui si è subito avvolti da un’atmosfera surreale: una pioggia di Cristalli Swarovski adorna le pareti, trapuntate di scintillii. Elemento di tensione costruttiva dell’interior design, attorno al quale si articola l’open space, è il blocco monolitico, ovvero la parete in pietra divisoria tra cucina e salone, caratterizzata da una finestra portavivande che svolge la doppia funzione di tavolo e piano di appoggio.” – author: Cecilia Di Marzo

Scent of Garden Apartment at the TDW – Tianjin International Design Week

Dal 22 al 27 maggio 2015 in occasione del TDW – Tianjin International Design Week – presso il padiglione Italia nel Beining Park il nostro progetto “Scent of Garden Apartment” è stato presentato al Review: design and interior design – Made in Italy | Roman architects abroad  / mostra digitale destinata a promuovere progetti e realizzazioni di oggetti di design e di interior design degli architetti romani, candidati in risposta a una open call promossa dallo stesso Ordine ed  articolata in due differenti sezioni. L’evento ha riscontrando un ottimo successo di pubblico e di critica.

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Soul Movie Offices published by Archiportale

The project for the Soul Movie Entertainment, the innovative urban offices located in Rome, is published by Archiportale.

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A Roma l’HQ Soul Movie Entertainment di Brain Factory – Spazio che reinterpreta in modo innovativo il concetto metropolitano di underground
Brain Factory – Architecture & Design ha firmato la sede romana della Soul Movie Entertainment, una società che offre servizi di produzione e post-produzione audiovisiva con un brand dalla forte impronta urbana: una rivisitazione del noto simbolo della metropolitana londinese. 

Questo forte tratto distintivo dà l’incipit alla creazione di uno spazio che reinterpreta in modo innovativo il concetto metropolitano di underground attraverso l’esplorazione caotica dei flussi delle linee metro convogliate nei fulcri di snodo delle stazioni. 

La sensazione di entrare in un luogo metropolitano in cui si sta per intraprendere un viaggio si ha fin dall’ingresso: la porta scorrevole con il logo della società si apre come quello di un vagone metro, introducendo il passeggero in un’atmosfera emozionale. 

Visivamente l’occhio è subito catturato da un oggetto non identificato: un’enorme solido rosso sfaccettato che racchiude al suo interno la punta di diamante degli uffici, il DaVinci Resolve, il più potente e innovativo sistema di color correction.  

Da questo “meteorite concettuale”, in collisione con l’ambiente suburbano, si dipanano molteplici tagli luminosi che simboleggiano le linee metropolitane.” – author: Cecilia Di Marzo